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All employers are aware of their duty of care under common law to provide training when taking on new staff or introducing new equipment and procedures. It is generally accepted practice that such induction training is usually carried out by a competent member of staff.

Once this initial training is period is over further training is often negelected. This can be a serious mistake.

Unfortunately, training costs time and money. So when anything more than 'Basic Training' is mentioned, it is understandable that a few groans can be heard emanating from boardrooms across the country.

However, the importance of training should not be overlooked. The rewards of having well trained staff far outweigh the initial financial outlay.

With new staff it may seem very appealing to allow an operator to gain experience by serving time out on the road, but becoming experienced in such an unusual industry takes time.

With life and limb most definitely at risk, the learning curve can be steep indeed.

Structured quality training provides an operator with a solid foundation with which to build his future experience upon.

Even when a member of staff has had years of experience, ongoing training is essential.

Vehicle and equipment is always undergoing development and legislation is always subject to change during an operators working life.

The benefits of bringing him up to speed and eradicating any bad habits he may have picked up over time are quite evident.

Once trained, an operator should be skilled in good working practices and promote a professional image of himself and the company he represents.

The RRRA has courses available covering all aspects of training needs within the recovery industry and are accredited by 'The Society Of Operational Engineers'.

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